15 [English/Darija] Mazyan Bizaf Show: Live From the University of Maryland AKA Shabab Bizaf Show

MBS015 Our live episode was recorded at the University of Maryland.  Chad Ratashak and Mourad Benboussetta discuss the similarities and differences between Moroccan and Algerian Darija.DSC_7484
Topics mentioned in the course of discussion:
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Mazyan Bizaf Show Live Taping poster
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Special Event Announcement:
   Mazyan Bizaf Show Live Taping and Q&A
December 4, 2015 at 3:00 PM
University of Maryland, College Park
Jimenez Hall Room 220
Hosted by the Arabic Flagship Program
This event is open to all students.
Chad Ratashak, creator of the Mazyan Bizaf Show podcast, will be live taping an episode on campus with special guest Mourad Benboussetta, an Arabic Flagship Program language partner. Topics include the dialectical and cultural differences and similarities between Morocco and Algeria with examples from everyday life, music, and more. There will also be a Q&A portion when you can ask any questions you might have about Morocco, Algeria, linguistics, culture, podcasting, or anything else you can think of!