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Mazyan Bizaf Show is a podcast  by Abdessamad, a Moroccan and Chad, an American, focused on the etymology and usage of Moroccan Arabic, also called Darija. We have episodes for all levels of listeners in English, Darija, and Modern Standard Arabic, which cover culture, linguistics, religion, and tips for tourists and students..

Marhaba [in English] explains Moroccan culture to foreigners.
La Bas [in English and Darija] teaches practical daily use of Darija and relates new expressions to what you already know in Arabic so it is easier to remember.
.في “جذور” نعالج العلاقة بين الدارجة المغربية و اللغة العربية الفصحىMayzan Bizaf

Darija, the dialect spectrum including Moroccan Arabic and the dialects of Algeria and Tunisiais not studied as often as the Egyptian and Levantine dialects, but it is becoming more common out of necessity. Many American study abroad programs are relying on Morocco as an island of stability in the Arab world. Unfortunately, this simply reinforces the notion that Darija is a secondary dialect that is not very useful. This is an unfair characterization. Darija and Morocco merit study on their own, not merely as a last resort.

So why choose to learn Darija? All Arabic dialects draw on Modern Standard Arabic. Learning any dialect can strengthen your handle on MSA and the way languages change over time. Morocco is very historically significant and is still a wonderful country to visit with diverse cities and natural beauty.

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