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Mazyan Bizaf Show is a podcast by Abdessamad and Chad . Abdessamad is a Moroccan professor of Arabic and Chad is an American graduate of the Arabic Flagship Program. We love to talk about Modern Standard Arabic, the etymology and usage of Moroccan Arabic (Darija), and Morocco.

Abdessamad in Tucsonabdessamadعبد الصمد في توسون

Abdessamad is from the south of Morocco near the Sahara. He is a professor of Arabic language and is currently working on his PhD. His interests include linguistics and theory of learning as it relates to language. When he taught in the United States, he was in Tuscon, Arizona, where he gained a love for Chipotle.

Chad in Mekneschadتشاد في مكناس

Chad is an American who loves Arabic and the linguistics of Arabic dialects. During his time in Meknes, he came to love Darija and wanted to share that with other Arabic-learners. His favorite Moroccan meal is Seffa and he learned to cook several Moroccan meals from his host mom.

4 thoughts on “About the Hosts”

  1. Hey chad and abdessamad,

    Your podcasts are great. I have been trying to get my Moroccan husband to explain “bessaha” for years now. Your podcast really helped me to understand specific contexts for this. The podcast with “question words” also helped me to connect the dots between some of the MSA I had learned (kaifa –> kif ash; fi ayn–> fein; min ayna –> mnin; etc), so that I can really remember these Moroccan question words.

    Please keep up the good work. I know it will snowball and become something of a treasure and an important resource for and archive of darija! As you know, there aren’t many resources to archive this beautiful, melodic and unique language.

    One idea for a podcast: focus on Fassi words and expressions, as a lot of the scholars and “grandes familles” of Morocco come from or lived in this city.


    1. Lauren,

      Thank you so much for your words of encouragement. We’re happy to hear that the “bessaha” [mazyanbizaf.com/mbs004] and “question words” episodes [mazyanbizaf.com/mbs005] episodes were useful. It’s good to hear from our listeners, especially when they appreciate our MSA –> Darija approach.

      We are interested in doing some episodes about city-specific dialects, and Fes will definitely be on that list once we do our research!

      How did you find out about our show? We hope you continue to enjoy our content and share it with your friends!

      Thank you,
      Chad and Abdessamad

  2. I am so happy that I came across your site. I was trying to confirm what “mezyan” meant, so I googled Mezyan Darija, and y’all popped up. SUPER happy.

    I’ve just finished a PhD in literacy measurement and analysis and now I get to direct my attention to the fun stuff – getting better in Darija. I traveled to Morocco last summer and hope to go back soon.

    1. Laura, thanks so much for your kind comments. We are on a brief hiatus as Abdessamad is currently completing his own PhD, but rest assured Abdessamad and Chad will be back once that is done. What is your literacy work in Morocco?

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