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26 [English] Islamic Geometric Art and the World’s Biggest Couch Fort: Interview with Dr. Craig Kaplan

In this episode, Chad interviews Dr. Craig Kaplan, Associate Professor in the Computer Graphics Lab, School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo.

YouTube Video

Images coming soon!
Taprats program
Seal of Solomon خاتم سليمان
  • Moroccan pattern [image]
  • Moroccan fountain [image]
  • Afghan wooden screen [image]

Traditional manufacturing

Moroccan homes inside and outside

Cutting zelige tiles with an ax

Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry

Fudge it = “Near miss”

Alhambra [images]

Image of Dr. Kaplan explaining that Moroccan zellige patterns are hard for computers to generate (2015).


Interlacing قاطع و مقطوع [image]

Nail dots, dimpling [image]

Art of Islamic Pattern

Eid al-Adha

Feral Cats


Moroccan Medinas = The World’s Biggest Couch Fort

Tomb of Moulay Ismail

24 [English] Living with a Moroccan Host Family

Eid Mubarak everyone! This episode was recorded In this episode, Addie tells Abdessamad about her experience living with her Moroccan host family. List for details on culture shock, hospitality, religion, and great learning opportunities. Also, learn that Darija is real Arabic and you should try it!


MBS 021 ‘Awashir Mabrouka + Start of Ramadan | عواشر مبروكة

In this episode, Chad and Abdessamad discuss ‘Awashir (the ten days before Ramadan) and the start of Ramadan in Morocco.

Please forgive the terrible sound quality as we continue to figure out our solution to the VoIP issue.

If you have suggestions or requests for future topics, please let us know via Facebook or Twitter, or by commenting on the website.

20 [Eng/Darija] “I Wouldn’t Mind” / Sufi Lodges and the Hajj

In this episode:

We explain the term “ماكرهتش” literally “I don’t hate…”

Matt and I discuss his research on the role of Sufi orders in organizing Hajj caravans, which maintained the link between Maghreb and Mashriq.


17 [Eng] Happy Valentine’s: The Legendary Fertility of Moulay Ismael, Interview with Dr. Elisabeth Oberzaucher

Shownotes at:

Transcript and additional notes coming later this week!

“The Case of Moulay Ismael – Fact or Fancy?” by Elisabeth Oberzaucher and Karl Grammer

The 2015 Ig Nobel Prize Winners (see: Mathematics)


Figure 2. The potential reproductive outcome is related to the harem size. Oberzaucher E, Grammer K (2014) The Case of Moulay Ismael - Fact or Fancy? PLoS ONE 9(2): e85292. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0085292


15 [English/Darija] Mazyan Bizaf Show: Live From the University of Maryland AKA Shabab Bizaf Show

MBS015 Our live episode was recorded at the University of Maryland.  Chad Ratashak and Mourad Benboussetta discuss the similarities and differences between Moroccan and Algerian Darija.DSC_7484
Topics mentioned in the course of discussion:
Here’s an article about the event.
Mazyan Bizaf Show Live Taping poster
Original Announcement:
Special Event Announcement:
   Mazyan Bizaf Show Live Taping and Q&A
December 4, 2015 at 3:00 PM
University of Maryland, College Park
Jimenez Hall Room 220
Hosted by the Arabic Flagship Program
This event is open to all students.
Chad Ratashak, creator of the Mazyan Bizaf Show podcast, will be live taping an episode on campus with special guest Mourad Benboussetta, an Arabic Flagship Program language partner. Topics include the dialectical and cultural differences and similarities between Morocco and Algeria with examples from everyday life, music, and more. There will also be a Q&A portion when you can ask any questions you might have about Morocco, Algeria, linguistics, culture, podcasting, or anything else you can think of!

13 [English] Moroccan Holidays: Eid el-Kebir

MBS013 Eid al-Adha (“the Feast of Sacrifice”), also known as Eid el-Kebir (“the Big Holiday”) in Morocco, is an important celebration in the Muslim world. Today, Chad and Abdessamad are back in the same episode to discuss some important traditions for celebrating Eid.

In this episode:

-Livestock markets

-Charities related to Eid


-Sheep poop


-Supermarket livestock layaway

-Grilled sheep livers

-Khlie (the delicious Moroccan meat-and-eggs breakfast)

-Sheep brain couscous

10 [English] Souq: Rials


MBS010 In this episode, we discuss the rial and it’s role in traditional markets and chaabi accounting of money. We are starting a series on the souq in Moroccan society.Real


6 [English] “Greetings in Moroccan Culture” التحيات في الثقافة المغربية

MBS006 A discussion about the importance of greetings, Moroccan hospitality, and some comments on street harassment. This is one of our last episodes recorded in Meknes and Chad is now back in the United States.

3(Short) “Basic Darija Phonetics” صوتيات الدارجة الأساسية

MBS003 (short)  6-minute read-through of Abdessamed’s paper, “Sounds in Moroccan Arabic.” For more details and information, listen to the long version of episode 3.