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3 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. Hello, I am so existed when you see your website which is all about Moroccan Arabic! that’s awesome. I am actually doing the same thing. I have been teaching Arabic (MSA) foreign. I started from my university teaching my language, and I noticed that a lot foreign getting to be interested to Moroccan. Then, I decided to learn the methodology and history of my accent, and I discovered how much it is an amazing accent to be taught. In case of that, I do the same right now, making my own Moroccan Arabic Podcasts, and I am sooner going to update my website to show people the beauty of my culture and my accent!
    Guys, keep going!
    Your website and your efforts inspire me to continue too!
    Regards, and all the best wishes

  2. Thanks a lot! Being married to a morroccon I have been looking for ressources to get myself beyond Salam Aleikum & Shokran as a means of communication. These shows promise to be fun and helpful and I will try them out in the next two weeks as we ll go over to see family.
    Greetings from Germany

    1. We’re so glad to hear that! We have had several spouses of Moroccans tell us this helps them break past the basics to get more advanced in Darija, and we love to hear these stories. Are there any topics you would like to hear? Do you know any other Germans who have heard the show?

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