Matt and Dallas Schumann join “Mazyan Bizaf Show”

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To all of our faithful listeners, we’d like to announce two new contributors to Mazyan Bizaf Show, Matt and Dallas Schumann. 

Dallas is fluent in several Arabic dialects and is interested in helping us analyze the impact of the Ottoman Empire on Arabic dialectal boundaries. Matt is currently pursuing a PhD in Near Eastern Studies at Princeton University. His area of expertise is Early Modern Moroccan History.  We hope to learn much more about them soon; they will be recording an episode to introduce themselves and their expertise sometime between Thanksgiving and the end of the calendar year.

Matt’s blog, The Armchair Arabist, provided excellent study materials on Moroccan Arabic, but he was most prolific from 2012 to 2013. We found his site and approached him to see if you he was interested in getting back into educating a wide audience about Darija. After investigating the podcast, Matt graciously offered to join Abdessamad and Chad in creating our podcast and website. We will be reposting his material on this page (with permission, of course).

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