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4 [Eng/Darija] “Bisaha” بصحة و راحة

MBS004 We explain the use of “bisaha,” an important word for being polite. This word is versatile and used in many contexts in Darija.

بصحة و راحة “bi-sa-ha” or “bis-ha”

الله يعطيك الصحة “Allah ya3-tik a-sa-ha” or “lah-taks-ha

Food: Thanking your host and complimenting the meal.

Guest: “lah-taks-ha” Host: “bi-sa-ha”

Grooming: Haircut, bathing, shaving, wearing new clothes.

Person complimenting: “bi-sa-ha” Groomed person: “lah taks ha”

Athletics: Sports, running, lifting at the gym.

Making a purchase: almost anything, especially food, clothing, and cleaning items.