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14 [Darija] Same Difference كيف كيف و بحال بحال

MBS014 In this episode, we discuss the meaning and usage of the terms “Kif Kif – كيف كيف” and “Bhal bhal – بحال بحال”

These terms both me “same thing,” or “it’s the same to me.” You can use them to politely express no preference between two or more options, like:
-“Coffee or tea?”
-“Kif kif”

-“Do you like apples or bananas”
-“Bhal bhal”

We also announce our schedule for the rest of the calendar year and the addition of Matt and Dallas to our Mazyan Bizaf Show team. We will have one more regular episode, one episode introducing Matt and Dallas, and one episode recorded at the University of Maryland.

7 [Eng/Darija] “Greetings in Darija” التحيات بالدارجة

MBS007 Darija terms for various greetings. We discuss body language, multiple meanings of “la bas,” and tricks to help you fake it ’til you make it. Using proper greetings can help you get out of the French sand trap and start learning Darija.

This episode was recorded during Season 1. It is the companion episode for Episode 6 (in which we described the cultural importance of greetings in Morocco).

4 [Eng/Darija] “Bisaha” بصحة و راحة

MBS004 We explain the use of “bisaha,” an important word for being polite. This word is versatile and used in many contexts in Darija.

بصحة و راحة “bi-sa-ha” or “bis-ha”

الله يعطيك الصحة “Allah ya3-tik a-sa-ha” or “lah-taks-ha

Food: Thanking your host and complimenting the meal.

Guest: “lah-taks-ha” Host: “bi-sa-ha”

Grooming: Haircut, bathing, shaving, wearing new clothes.

Person complimenting: “bi-sa-ha” Groomed person: “lah taks ha”

Athletics: Sports, running, lifting at the gym.

Making a purchase: almost anything, especially food, clothing, and cleaning items.