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26 [English] Islamic Geometric Art and the World’s Biggest Couch Fort: Interview with Dr. Craig Kaplan

In this episode, Chad interviews Dr. Craig Kaplan, Associate Professor in the Computer Graphics Lab, School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo.

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Taprats program
Seal of Solomon خاتم سليمان
  • Moroccan pattern [image]
  • Moroccan fountain [image]
  • Afghan wooden screen [image]

Traditional manufacturing

Moroccan homes inside and outside

Cutting zelige tiles with an ax

Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometry

Fudge it = “Near miss”

Alhambra [images]

Image of Dr. Kaplan explaining that Moroccan zellige patterns are hard for computers to generate (2015).


Interlacing قاطع و مقطوع [image]

Nail dots, dimpling [image]

Art of Islamic Pattern

Eid al-Adha

Feral Cats


Moroccan Medinas = The World’s Biggest Couch Fort

Tomb of Moulay Ismail

10 [English] Souq: Rials


MBS010 In this episode, we discuss the rial and it’s role in traditional markets and chaabi accounting of money. We are starting a series on the souq in Moroccan society.Real


9 [Darija] حوار بين الأستاذ عبد الصمد و الطالب لوقاس

MBS009 في هذه الحلقة، يتخدث الأساذ عبد الصمد و الطالب لوقاس عن الدارجة المغربية و الثقافة المغربية و المأكولات إلخ


Harira oranaise

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