Additional Resources

Beginner Darija

 Linguistics of Moroccan Arabic

  • A Frequency Dictionary of Arabic: Core Vocabulary for Learners
  • Hans Wehr Dictionary
  • Lane’s Lexicon, or Arabic-English Lexicon by Edward William Lane
    • Extremely useful resource for etymology, usage, and meaning of Classical Arabic words; includes examples from historical texts.
  • “The Phonemes of Moroccan Arabic,” Zellig S. Harris
  • “Ablaut and Ambiguity: Phonology of a Moroccan Arabic Dialect (review)”
  • “Dutch-Moroccan Arabic Code-Switching among Moroccans in the Netherlands”
  • “From Code-switching to Borrowing: A case study of Moroccan Arabic”
  • “Licensing of Negative Polarity Items in Moroccan Arabic,” Elabbas Benmamoun

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